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Clip Ads for Cash is an easy way to earn extra income by locating ads in newspapers throughout the United States and abroad.  

WE PAY CASH for ads that are seeking Missing Friends, Relatives or Heirs to Estates or Insurance Proceeds.  Click on the INSTRUCTION link to learn how to locate ads.

There are four ways to earn extra income.

1.  Earn $50 for each ad you send in that's approved.

2.  Earn an additional 5% of our fee once we're compensated.

3.  Earn $25 for referring a friend or relative every time they send in an ad that's approved.

4.  Earn 2.5% of our fee when one of your referrals sends in an ad that's approved.

when you submit an ad that we accept.  We pay the 5% or 2.5% once we're compensated.  For example, if our fee is $10,000 you'll receive $500 once we're compensated.

To become one of our Affiliates, print the form on the
Application page, fill it out and fax or e-mail it to us and that's it.  To speed up the process call 816 333-4600 to get started right away.

If you have questions about our program call 816 333-4600 or send an e-mail to, info@cashforlegalads.com

Are you looking for a missing friend, relative of missing heir?  To find your missing person, call at 816 333-4600.

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